What we do

ClincoPaperless was set up in response to the need for electronic sets of medical records to be produced in medical litigation.

ClincoPaperless has developed into a specialist legal support service which exists to assist firms of solicitors to convert their offices to paperless or paperlight – without jargon or fuss.  We are a lawyer-led service with an insight into the world of practice.  We know that time pressure and budgetry constraints mean that it’s hard to research and implement new ways of working – especially when not everyone is keen to make the change.

However, it’s becoming clearer that paperless (or paperlight) is very much the way forward.  Take the recent speech of Sir James Munby at the Family Law Bar Association in February 2016:

“We still have a long way to go to the entirely digitised and paperless court of the future, though this is – must be – a vision not of some distant future but of what has to be… achieved over the next four years…The programme extends to the entire justice system: crime, civil, family and tribunals”.  

There are several real advantages to paperless practice.  These are:

          ease of fee earner access to documents on screen at any time 

          ability to transfer documents instantly 

          no hard copy clutter or cabinets full of files 

          tamperproof bundles with no missing pages 

          identical clean sets always ready for disclosure 

          saving of fee earner and secretarial time 

          much reduces storage and archiving costs

What we do first is to listen to your requirements, then advise on the best way forward with timescale and costs set out.  There are some firms who wish to start, for example, by converting their closed matters only from hard copy to electronic archive; or by getting all their trial bundles into electronic format.  For those who are ready to go fully paperless sooner, there is anything up to the other end of the scale – a virtual postroom which will take care of all incoming mail and have it sent to your fee earners’ screens.

At ClincoPaperless we have successfully carried out ‘whole office’ paperless conversions on open files (which requires high levels of organisation and a very quick turnaround) but are equally able to assist with much smaller projects.  We use high quality, specialised scanning equipment which recognises and reproduces colour documents and can process large numbers of documents at speed.  Once documents have been converted to electronic format, they can be indexed and annotated by our experienced scanning team, for ease of navigation once back with the fee earner.  We identify ‘unscannable objects’ (eg original payslips,  chequebooks etc) which are then tracked and returned.

We transfer electronic files back to you securely, usually by file transfer system, although we can also produce CDs or any other method you may prefer.  The hard copies can either be returned to you, sent for secure archive storage on site here, or destroyed in compliance with Data Protection Act requirements.

At the end of the process you will end up with a clear, tidy office, reduced costs and improved efficiency. Please email info@clinco.co.uk for more information or for an informal discussion.