Who we do it for

Our clients are small to medium-sized law firms who, whilst not necessarily the  earliest adopters of technology, recognise the benefits and are ready to commit to converting all or part of their practice to paperless format.  They are likely to be ahead of their field, compared with similar sized firms, in terms of proactive practice development.

Often our clients have a number of partners or fee earners who initially have some reservations and are not confident with the technological side of  things.  ClincoPaperless is used to dealing with these naturally arising issues, which can usually be ironed out very quickly.

One advantage of ClincoPaperless is that it is a lawyer-led paperless service – the only one of which we are aware in the UK – and this gives us the edge in dealing with solicitors’ files – recognising items which need to be retained in hard copy and recommending a suitable level of annotation for navigation of the electronic file.  We know, for example, which documents are evidence, which are pleadings, and so on.   We are used to working with highly confidential data and go beyond all the usual data protection requirements to ensure security at all times. Please click here to find out more about the other services we offer.

We aim to be approachable and responsive.  All clients will get a tailormade plan delivered efficiently on time and to budget.

For more information please email info@clinco.co.uk